The Innovator at 2018 Film & Video Poetry Symposium

“The Innovator” gets into Pasadena, California’s 1st ever Film & Video Poetry Symposium.  Mary wrote the piece in 2001 about the experience of not being chosen for grad school.  However, with narration, photography elements, and the music and filming the work took on an apocalyptic sci-fi feel for a moving story about survival, mathematical statistics, and our relationship to the environment.  The themes being:  what are we doing to our planet and our children?

The festival will be held from April 27th to 28th, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

The festival and symposium will celebrate and screen a large scope of film and video projects developed through the medium of poetry.  This event will also host a series of panels, guest speakers, and public dialogues regarding film and video poetry over the course of the symposium.

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